Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Tea Dispenser, a card and some other stuff.

Hey there y'all,
I made another Tea Dispenser today:

I also went to the hobbyshop in Spijkenisse, Doe@ding . I needed some Kraft Cardstock and just plain white Cardstock. The thing was, my parents drove me there (still can't drive due to some medication I'm on) and.....well........they gifted me this:

Is'nt that sweet?!!!!!! I "played" with it this afternoon (after my much needed nap (-:   )  and "played" also with some "new" nestabilities I purchased from Chantal and I came up with this cutie of a card:

The card measures: 27cm x 10cm. I scored on : 11cm and with a special rolerblade knife I perforated on: 22cm. The perforated flap can be torn off and used as a bookmark! I saw this one in the Cards Only from Maart/April 2011.
I thought it was so cute!!!!

This was it from me today. I'm happy to say that I had quiet a good day!! Praise God!!!

With love
Dutch Tulip


chantal said...

weer zo een mooi tea doos.
Prachtig hoor.
IK zie dat je de nestabillitie al hebt gebruikt en ook dat je kan doorverwijzen naar een blog. Goed hoor. Je kaart is prachtig!
Liefs en een fijn weekend,

Monique said...

Hartelijk welkom in blogland!
Mooie kaartjes zie ik op je blog hoor!
Ben dan ook volger geworden.

martina's kaartjes said...

welkom in blogland ! via Chantal kom ik op je blog, je maakt leuke dingen, ben maar meteen volger geworden, groetjes,

Alice Wertz said...

love your tea dispenser and such a beautiful card!!! wow! wonderful projects!

Margo said...

Wat tof dat kaartje met boenlegger !